Shining a Light – Tech for Transparency

At 1WordFlow we were delighted to hear about the new Federal Government’s commitment to transparency. And yet, while the transparency portal has been in place for several years, its repository of PDF downloads is anything but transparent. Finding required content on the portal requires downloading and scrolling through documents sometimes 500 or more pages […]

Tired of trying to navigate government legislation and regulations?  For financial services lawyers, RegulationCity means no more sticky notes!  

RegulationCity - Financial Services Regulations

As the legal profession continues to evolve post-pandemic, many practitioners have become very comfortable with general business technology like Teams, Zoom and Slack, as well as specialist legal technology (“legaltech”).   Technology can really help to minimise those “unbillable hours” by avoiding travel time and repetitive tasks, for example, in preparing contracts or letters of advice. […]

APRA Chairman Outlines Priorities at FINSIA Conference

APRA Chairman Outlines Priorities at FINSIA Conference

APRA regulates over 2000 entities in the financial services industry. Chairman Wayne Byers spoke at FINSIA’s The Regulator’s Event on 13/5/22 – outlining where APRA’s focus will be in the near term. In Banking – the impact of the two major shifts facing the industry: digital disruption, and the emergence of higher inflation and rising […]